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Find out all you need to know about the wonderful Philippines. Explore Phil is full of amazing destinations and informative pages so you will know where your next holiday will start.

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Make a booking for the tour package you want through the online booking calendar. The reason you some times need a quote is that tour prices can dramatically change between seasons and operators in short notice.


It is time to confirm your flights. Yay! Get ready for some of the best moments of your life. Pay with our online payment methods and visit your online account so you are updated every step of the way until you are on holiday.


The Philippines is a land of a Thousand Islands and even more adventures. From trekking in the rice fields in the hills to the lazy days lying on the silky white sand beaches. Come and ask us because we will have the tour for your inquiries.


"We hired an whole Island just for us, a resort with twenty cute villas for 4 Days & 3 Nights. Tours included. Banquets included. Wedding night and party included. Transport included. Photography and same day edit Video included. Everything included & we called it our "Wedstival" or Wedding Festival. Heck, we even got the clothes made there. It was the most amazing time and the pictures are real. And best of all, It cost the same price as a one night wedding in my country...Yes you heard it, the SAME PRICE."


Have you ever thought, "why is it so expensive to get Veneers"? Medical tourism is the up and coming way to have an amazing holiday and get that work done you always wanted. Get those Veneers and a Holiday for less than just the Veneers back home. Explore Phil will set you up with a holiday and a reputable medical specialist.


What are you waiting for? Haven't you heard? It's more fun in the Philippines!

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Get Lost & Explore

Someone once told me to Get Lost! I was offended.. But now since I have been to the Philippines and experienced some of its wonders and hidden gems, I can't wait until the next person tells me to Get Lost!

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